Who needs to purchase a pass?

Children 1 year and under USING the attractions:  Child entry is free, but ONE ADULT Chill N' Thrill Pass must be purchased unless this adult is also with another child between 2-4 years old.


Children 2 - 4 years old USING the attractions:  Little Dip N' Slip Pass is required and ONE adult MUST enter pools with child at all times, however the ONE adult can do this free of charge.


Children 5 - 16 years old USING the attractions:  Either the Little Dip N' Slip (Excludes Thrill Slides) Pass OR the Extreme Splash N' Slide Pass (Includes Thrill Slides) .  Be sure to check the slide age, height, and weight restrictions


Adults 17 years and older USING the attractions:  Adult Chill N' Thrill Pass required.  Adults are allowed on the Thrill Slides (Thrill Slides vary by location) and to wade in the pools.  Pool slides are not permitted for adults.


Adults or any child NOT using the attractions and ONLY spectating from outside the pools:  Entry is free, a pass is not required.


Can adults go on the slides?

Adults are allowed on the Thrill Slides (Thrill Slides vary by location) and to wade in the pools.  Pool slides are not permitted for adults.  The slides on the pools are only intended for children 16 years and under.  

Is there food available & can I bring my own BBQ into the event?

We do offer hot food such as hot chips, hot dogs, chicken burgers and cold drinks on site for you to enjoy! **Please note, food options may vary by site location.**  We ask that you do NOT bring your own BBQ to our events.

Can I bring my own chair and shade tent?

Yes.  You are more than welcome to bring your own chair and/or shade tent to the event.  We do have chairs and shade tents available at each event, but they are on a first come, first serve basis.

Does my child 4 years old and under need to purchase a ticket?

Yes.  All children that will be swimming and using the slides will need to have a pass.  However, a child 4 years old and under must have one adult supervisor in the pools and they can do this free of charge.  Children under 5 years are not allowed on any of our Thrill Slides.

Can I climb to the top of the slides with my child 4 years and under?

No.  Adults are not allowed on the pool slides.  They can lift their child onto the stairs and wait at the bottom of the slide if they like, but the child must be able to climb the stairs on his or her own.  We do have a few smaller slides that are geared toward younger children.  Children 4 and under are allowed on all pool slides, but are NOT allowed on any of our Thrill Slides.

Can I purchase tickets at the gate on the day?

Yes.  Tickets can be purchased at the gate on the day or you can pre-purchase online. 

Do I need to book a specific session time when purchasing tickets online?

No.  Your pre-purchased tickets will work for any one of the session times on any one of our operating days.  If you would like the full 2 hours of the pass, please arrive 15 minutes before the start of any session period.

What are the different session times?

Our daily 2 Hour Session times are as follows:

10am - 12pm

11am - 1pm

12pm - 2pm

1pm - 3pm

2pm - 4pm

Do spectators have to pay?

No.  Waterworld Central is FREE ENTRY for everyone.  You only pay if you will be using the attractions.

Do you have EFTPOS?

Yes, we have EFTPOS at our ticket box.

Do you have a season pass?

No.  Pricing is done daily only.

What are your operating hours/days?

Hours are site specific, but typically from 10am-4pm, please click on your location's page above to find our operating hours for your location.

Do I need to bring my swimmers to Waterworld?

Yes.  You will need to bring swimmers to Waterworld Central as the majority of slides have water on them, plus then you can enjoy the pools!